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Memorandum Decision (Basin-Wide Issue 1: What Information Must be Included in the Quantification of De Minimis Domestic and Stockwater Decrees) (filed 3/07/2016)

Order Requesting the Idaho Department of Water Resources to Report Unclaimed Water Right Numbers (filed 7/23/2013)

CSRBA Administrative Order 1 Rules of Procedures (filed 7/23/2013)

Order Re: Proposed Rules of Procedures (filed 3/22/2012)

Order Establishing Steering Committee and Notice of First Scheduled Meeting (filed 9/9/2011)

Order Establishing Procedures for the Adjudication of De Minimis Domestic and Stockwater Claims in the Coeur d'Alene-Spokane River Basin Adjudication (filed 11/12/2008)

Commencement Order for the Coeur d'Alene-Spokane River Basin General Adjudication (filed 11/12/08)

Memorandum Decision on Petition to Commence Coeur d'Alene-Spokane River Basin General Adjudication (filed 11/12/08)

Coeur d'Alene Tribe's Post-Hearing Memorandum (by Special Appearance) (lodged 9/8/2008)

State of Idaho's Post-Hearing Brief (lodged 9/8/08)

United States' Post-Hearing Memorandum (lodged 9/8/2008)

Brief (Edward F. Anderson) (lodged 9/4/2008)

Affidaivt of Service (filed 8/27/08)

State of Idaho's Memorandum in Response to Coeur d'Alene Tribe's Pre-Hearing Statement (lodged 8/21/08)

Coeur d'Alene Tribe's Notice of Special Appearance under IRCP 4(i)(2) Pre-Hearing Statement, & Memorandum in Support Thereof (filed 8/14/08)

Affidavit of David I. Stanish (filed 8/14/08)

State of Idaho's Memorandum in Support of Pre-Hearing Statement (lodged 8/14/08)

State of Idaho's Notice of Appearance and Pre-Hearing Statement (filed 8/14/08)

United States' Notice of Appearance and Pre-Hearing Statement (filed 8/13/08)

Petition and Notice of Appearance - Edward Anderson (filed 8/11/08)

Provisional Order Re Appointment of District Judge, Confirmation of Special Jurisdiction and Determination of Venue for the General Adjudication (filed 8/8/2008)

Inital Steering Committee Letter (Dated 8/7/2007)

Order Setting Commencement Hearing and Procedures for Hearing (filed 7/11/08)

Stipulation for Establishment of Procedure for the Adjudication of Domestic and Stock Water Claims (filed 7/8/08)

Petition (filed 7/8/08)

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