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Twin Falls County Case CV2015-04552

Petition for Judicial Review Notice of Reassignment First Amended Petition for Judicial Review Procedural Order Governing Judicial Review Cedar Ridge Dairy Notice of Appearance Correspondence f/b Petitioner Correspondence f/b Petitioner Motion for Status Conference Order Treating Appearance as Motion to Intervene and Granting Same Order Granting motion for Status Conference Notice of Lodging Agency Record With the Agency Cedar Ridge Dairy Motion to Clarify Respondents Joinder in Cedar Ridge Motion to Clarify Response: Cedar Ridge Dairy Motion to Clarify Amended Response Cedar Ridge Dairy Reply Affidavit of Travis Thompson Respondents Joinder Order on Motion to Clarify Scope of Judicial Review Proceeding Order Settling the Agency Record Notice of Lodging the Settled Agency Record With the Court Agency Certificate of Record Motion to Extend Time for Lodging Transcript Order Granting Motion to Extend Time Order Vacating and Resetting Oral Argument Cedar Ridge Dairy Response to Petitioners Motion to Extend Time Appeal of the Order on Motion to Clarify Order Re: Petitioner Appeal of the Order on Motion to Clarify Motion to Augment the Record Notice of Lodging Transcript With the Agency Order Denying Motion to Augment the Record Request to Director to Include and Fulfill the Record as it Exists Order Settling Trancript and denying Late Objection to Record Notice of Lodging Settled Transcript With the Court Motion to Compel IDWR Attachment to Motion to Compel Order Denying motion to Compel IDWR Notice of Change of Address Transfer Protest Parrott Brief Motion to Reconsider Order Denying Motion to Compel IDWR Order Denying Petitioner Motion to Reconsider Corrected Transfer Protest Parrott Brief IDWR Response Brief Intervenor Cedar Ridge Dairy Response Brief Final Parrott Brief Motion to Cancel Transfer Certificate of Mailing Memorandum Decision and Order Judgment Remittitur