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Washington County Case CV2020-00038

Petition for Judicial Review Notice of Reassignment Procedural Order Governing Judicial Review Motion for Extension of Time to Lodge Agency Record/Transcript Motion for Consolidation for Purposes of Agency Record/Transcript Order Granting Motion for Extension of Time and Motion to Consolidate Notice of Appearance Notice of Lodging Consolidated Agency Record/Transcript with the Agency Order Settling the Agency Record/Transcript Notice of Lodging the Settled Agency Record/Transcript with the Court Agency Certificate of Record Petitioner Opening Brief Order Treating Appearance as Motion to Intervene and Order Granting Same Notice of Appearance Double C & J Land Co Response Brief Brief for Respondent IDWR Petitioner Reply Brief Amended Notice of Oral Argument Memorandum Decision and Order Judgment Notice of Appeal Notice of Lodging Reporter Transcript Supreme Court Order Approving Stipulation to Dismiss Appeal